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One of the duties of the representatives is to host or hold refereeing, coaching courses and seminars
If a representative is able to host an international course or seminar, he / she first issues his / her application. After submitting the application, it takes one month for the application to be reviewed and the response to the request sent. After accepting the application, the representative downloads the contract and completes it. After completing the contract, it sends it and then the required information is sent to the representative

  Request to hold         Contract

At the end of the course, the representative must send the full report of the course through the form below

Course report

Representatives who can host international competitions or decide to hold an international competition must first submit their application. After one month of review, if the application is approved, the representative will download the contract and send it after completion

Request to hold          Contract

After the international competition, the representative must send the full report to the federation, including the results, etc., all of which are prepared in the form below


According to the statute, the delegates must hold national competitions under the supervision of wpsf in their country. To hold a national competition, a permit from the World Federation is not required, but after the end of the competition, the delegates must send their report to the federation.


After one year of representation, the delegates must submit a complete report of their activities, this report is based on the following form


All the documents you need to hold the competition

 Athlete registration form

  A4  Download

Sample attempt

A5    Download

Calculate weights and bar


Team registration

A4    Download

Competition chart


Powerlifting list

 A4  Download

Bench press list

A4  Download

Deadlift list

  A4  Download

Team Point list

A4 Download