World Power Sport Federation was established in 2018 with the goals to of expanding the powerlifting sport more professionally and regularly across the world As well as updating the knowledge of powerlifting trainers and powerlifters on strength training Our other goal is to compete at a more professional and attractive level in the two parts of Control doping and free doping Our competitions will be split into two sections with equipment and no equipment (see section rules for more information) WPSF holds competitions in the following disciplines: Powerlifting and BenchPress and Deadlift Competitions are held in divisions “Amateur” and “PRO”, taking into account the distinction by the Athletic records WPSF is interested in the development of powerlifting and is customized to a positive and harmonious relations with all organizations and federations who are working in the field of promotion of powerlifting

:Educational activities

International REFEREE Courses           

WPSF will conduct international powerlifting Referee courses and train strong and knowledgeable WPSF jurors to make fair judgments in international competitions. Our referees have three levels, which is based on the score they receive in the Referee exams

International Coaching courses            

WPSF has formed a training committee to update the PowerLifters’ coaching science with the aim of holding
Powerlifting coaching sessions to get the best results in practice and competitions. The science of power sports is very broad and is constantly updated, so we will train professional coaches

Holding sports seminars            

      By organizing exercise seminars, WPSF tries to help coaches and athletes become familiar with strength training, become familiar with medications and bodybuilding supplements, and get the best results in training.


International Competition        

Soon you will see different competitions at continental level (Asian, European, African, Oceanic) and globally Competitions where most countries will participate and Powerlifters. Our competitions are at the highest level and the best equipment will be used. We will bring the best conditions for the Powerlifter. Our competitions will be held in different countries of the world

SUPER CUP       

Exciting and special competitions for professionals where only professional athletes who have received a professional card can compete These competitions have different rules listed in the rules section There will be special conditions for these competitions, which are held every two years
The best powerlifters will compete There are huge rewards for these competitions

Our Headquarters

The WPSF Federation is registered in Lithuania and has obtained international licenses We have headquarters in Azerbaijan, Iran, Lithuania



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Hossein Taghizadeh